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  • Hey, we have to battle for the "Mundial Hispano" (I'm Joe), you can usually find me in the main server with the nick Back Burner from 3 PM onwards
    Are you there, man? I'll be on the next couple of hours in case you wanna battle.
    Indeed, I thought you were in a different country, my bad. It'll be nice this Saturday at 5 pm (my time). I'll be on by that time, and if anything happens, I'll let you know here.
    Hi! It'll be nice if we meet on Saturday, I'll be on almost all day long. My GMT is -7, I guess there is only a difference of 2 or 3 hours. Tell me your GMT and we'll see.
    we have to play chess

    I'm always connected on IRC on #pokemon so you can find me there or we can schedule a time
    alright i'll be on that server as long as I can. I can't play much today though
    EDIT: Can we play considering Fatecrashers doesn't look like he approved your team?
    ill be on that server for the next 6 hrs
    EDIT: my alt will be "superwii"
    DOUBLE EDIT: i'll be gone for the next 2-3 hrs. will be on until 8pm gmt+8
    alright 2pm your time today? i'll see you there as "TheUnluckyOne"
    hey bandicoot, we got to play for Type restriction. im gmt+8 and go on #pokemon as "TheUnluckyOne" whats your timezone and we can negotiate from there.
    Bandicoot, for the mon-type tourney I am free any time for the next week. Note though that I am gmt
    Thanks for the reminder, Bandicoot. I can play any time after Sunday. I am usually most accessible after 11 PM EST (GMT -5; currently 12:20 AM), but that may change, since I have not received shifts for my job yet
    Hey we're paired for the Fuk Ferro tour. I'm gmt and am in holidays so I can battle at nights. When do you wanna battle?
    hello sir, I am on Pokemon Showdown now and will be there for a few hours, contact me if you wanna battle
    sorry, behind an OOOOOOOOOOLD computer right now where a lot of stuff simply doesnt work, I can barely use the internet, but that will be different the rest of the weel
    Sorry, only read this now. Sadly am on a computer on which Showdown doesnt work, but most other days from now I should be available between roughly 10 in the evening and 2 hours after midnight, GMT+1
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